2018-Spring Representations of Finite group and affine Hecke algebra

For 2018 Spring semester, from 28 Feb 2018 to the end of the semester.
Time: Wednesday afternoon 13:00-15:30, Week 1-17.
Venue: School of Mathematics SJTU, Room-1106.

We plan to read the following two papers.
1. Pierre Deligne and George Lusztig, Representations of Reductive Groups Over Finite Fields
2. David Kazhdan, George Lusztig, Proof of the Deligne-Langlands conjecture for Hecke algebras

The tasks are divied as the following:

Speackers Deligne-Lusztig’s paper
Ma Jiajun Introduction, Section 1-2
Chen Miaofen Section 3-4

We managed to cover Deligne-Lusztig’s paper in that semester.