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2018-Spring Representations of Finite group and affine Hecke algebra

For 2018 Spring semester, from 28 Feb 2018 to the end of the semester.
Time: Wednesday afternoon 13:00-15:30, Week 1-17.
Venue: School of Mathematics SJTU, Room-1106.

We plan to read the following two papers.
1. Pierre Deligne and George Lusztig, Representations of Reductive Groups Over Finite Fields
2. David Kazhdan, George Lusztig, Proof of the Deligne-Langlands conjecture for Hecke algebras

The tasks are divied as the following:

Speackers Deligne-Lusztig’s paper
Ma Jiajun Introduction, Section 1-2
Chen Miaofen Section 3-4

We managed to cover Deligne-Lusztig’s paper in that semester.

2017-Fall Minimal length elements

For 2017 Fall semester, from 11-Sep 2017 to 21-Nov 2017, the time and venue are as the following:
Time: Wednesday afternoon 13:00-15:00.
Venue: School of Mathematics SJTU, Room-1106.

Time/speaker VenueTitle/Abstract
Sep 13, 2017,
Room-1106Introduction on conjugacy classes of finite coxeter groups.
Ma Jia-JunWe will discuss the geometric interpretation of the length function of finite Coxeter groups.
Sep 20, 2017, 13:00-15:00/Ma Jia-JunRoom-1106Geometric interpretation of the length function. (cont.)
Sep 27, 2017, 14:00-15:00/Ma Jia-JunRoom-1106Proof of the main theorem on minimal length elements (for finite Coxeter group)
Oct 4, 2017Cancelled due to the national day holiday.
Oct 11, 2017Cancelled due to an event of the department.
Oct 18, 13:00-15:00/Zhang GuanglianRoom-1106Elliptic elements in Weyl groups
Oct 25, 13:00-15:00/Zhang GuanglianRoom-1106Good elements in Weyl groups
Nov 1, 13:00-15:00/Qin FanRoom-1106Introduction to affine Weyl groups.
Nov 8, 13:00-15:00/Qin FanRoom-1106minimal length element in affine groups.
Nov 15, 13:00-15:00/Qin FanRoom-1106minimal length element in affine groups (cont.)
Nov 22Cancelled
Nov 29 13:00-15:00/Chen MiaofenRoom-1106Straight conjugacy class
Dec 6 13:00-15:00/Chen MiaofenRoom-1106Straight conjugacy class and its relation to other topics.
Dec 13: 13:00-15:00/ Ma Jia-JunRoom-1106Classification of nice elements.
Dec 20 10:00-12:00/
Ma Jia-Jun
Room-1106Cocenter of an affine Hecke algebra.