Local theta correspondence between supercuspidal representations
Jul 23 2014 at NUS, Sep 05 2014 at IMS CUHK, July 26 2015 at Zhejiang University,
April 22 2015 at NUS, May 08 2015 at HKUST, Dec 25 2015 at Kyoto University
Theta correspondences and representations of classical groups
Oct 09, 2014, School of Mathematical Science, Suzhou University, China
Explicit local theta correspondences between (epipelagic) supercuspidal representations
May 28 2014, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar, Ben Gurion University, Israel
Associated varieties and associated cycles of local theta lifts
Feb 26 2014, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Theta lifts of one-dimensional representations
Dec 05 2012, Symposium on Representation Theory 2012, Kagoshima, Japan
Derived functor modules, dual pairs and U(\mathfrak{g})^K-actions
Jan 28 2011 at Workshop on Geometry and Representation Theory IMS NUS,
Mar 15 2012 at Conference on Branching Laws IMS NUS